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About the Cattery

It is nice to know that you have a real, true friend in your life and maybe more than one. We have been friends with someone since childhood and get to know the others during our life. Cats are no exception. They know how to make friends and love not worse than people do. 
In July 2012 we acquired a friend, Magic Tales Lovelace Leon, a British shorthair cat of silver- shaded chinchilla color with emerald eyes. Our cat's blood lines originate from the most famous catteries of England, Holland and Germany. We fell in love with this kitten at first sight. He conquered our hearts with his affectionate and calm personality. Lovelace Leon (his home name is Zeus) is a very intelligent and well-bred cat. He always tries to be with us, takes part in all our household chores. In the morning he loves to purr his gentle song, lying on the pillow next to us, to sit by the open window and to breathe some fresh air, to hear birds sing and hunt for butterflies and flies, flying outside the window. Lovelace loves rubbing against our legs before breakfast or dinner and watching some serial or an interesting TV show with us and in the evening he enjoys walking on the keyboard from the computer, when the message is being typed and catching the cursor running on the monitor. He adores chasing a stick with feathers all around the house and relaxing on the chest of drawers, watching everyone below. 
Lovelace Leon grew up and began to feel lonely. We realized, that our male cat needed a purring female cat nearby for a complete happiness and started looking for a girlfriend for him. So, a British shorthair silver chinchilla Favorit-S Uma Turman with big expressive eyes and white fur appeared in our house. Then we saw a British longhair cat of silver-shaded chinchilla color, Devika of Kotovod, and we realized immediately that we wanted to admire that gentle beauty every day! Furry friends have become a part of our life and turned it into rejoicing. 
The first shows, the first prizes and cups, the first kittens gave us an endless joy, the delight of pleasant communication with our cats. We became so keen on it that we decided to create a cattery, the founder of which was our Lovelace Leon with emerald eyes. It was decided to call the cattery "Emerald Shine". 
One thing is for sure — you get much more pleasure in life, if you can share it with a friend. Communication with our family pets brings us joy and happiness. We want to share this happiness with you! If you want to have a true, affectionate, funny and smart friend, call or email us. We will be glad to see you in our cattery and we are ready to advise you on all your questions and to find a new friend in your person!