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Hello, dear friends! We are glad to welcome you to the website of "Snow Emerald" cattery of British shorthair and longhair silver chinchilla cats ( former cattery "Emerald Shine" )! We are located in Kherson, Ukraine.
My name is Natalia Meleshko. Our home cattery "Snow Emerald" ( former cattery "Emerald Shine" ) breeds and sells kittens of one of the most beautiful colors of British cats - British silver chinchilla. It is British silver chinchilla that has a special charm and splendor! All our stud cats and queens have excellent pedigrees; their bloodlines originate from the most famous European catteries. All of them are titled and continue their show career. All our cats live with us, we love all of them! We take care of them with all our hearts! The kittens born in our house grow in affection and will become your best friends! You can buy a kitten for show and breeding, as well as a pet from the titled cats in our cattery. You can reserve the kitten you like. You can find out all the pieces of news of the cattery, have a look at the photos, show successes and pedigrees of each cat and learn about our plans on the pages of the site. You can get to know about our current litters and see the previous litters in "Kittens" section. You can admire the personal photo albums of our favorite leavers of the cattery in their new homes in "The Cattery Leavers" section. I hope that you will like surfing on the pages of the site! Our kittens are looking forward to meeting their new loving and caring owners! If you like the kittens and want to get one of them, don't hesitate to contact us. You are always welcome!
Faithfully yours,
Natalia and Eugene.

About the cattery

It is nice to know that you have a real, true friend in your life and maybe more than one. We have been friends with someone since childhood and get to know the others during our life. Cats are no exception. They know how to make friends and love not worse than people do.